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Our Commitment to You

Tennessee Endoscopy Center offers a degree of convenience and simplicity that is unmatched by other choices for your procedure. Your admitting time is short and simple, parking is ample and nearby and there are no miles of hallways and other confusing barriers to navigate — just a pleasant outpatient environment. Our patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly earn high praise for the center and its specialized staff; 98 percent of our patients give us “satisfied” or “very satisfied” ratings.

The many patient and visitor-friendly features of our center include:

  • Timely check-in.
  • A comfortable reception area for your family.
  • A designated receptionist that will provide family members with updates on the patients progress.
  • Highly trained nurses who are sensitive to the needs of those with digestive problems.
  • Operating rooms designed for comfort and relaxation while privacy is maintained.
  • Convenient parking directly in front of the building. A circular driveway allows patients easy access to the main entrance.
  • Exit straight to your car from the discharge unit, for maximum privacy.